My Story

I grew up in a household where money was often tight, which turned out to be a blessing as I had to learn about financial discipline at an early age. My interest in the stock market began at age 16, when I read an article on how any teenager with a summer job could become a millionaire by investing in a Roth IRA.

Observing the market became a hobby during college; soon after it developed into a passion. From the moment I earned my first “adult” paycheck, I always put as much income as possible into select individual stocks, many of which I’ve never sold.

By 2017, my savings had grown far beyond what I ever hoped to possess in life, and the annual returns from my stock investments had become larger than my corporate salary. Eventually I chose to leave the company in order to make a bigger impact through volunteering and philanthropy.

Why Start a Blog?

For years I’ve been quietly studying the stock market and actively investing, but rarely have I found good opportunities to discuss these topics with family or friends.

Now that investing has enabled me to reach financial independence, and spend the rest of my life serving others, I’m hoping to write posts that will spark conversations and at least be helpful if not inspirational.

3 Things I Believe

1. I believe the financial system takes widespread advantage of people, and thrives on the fact that school curriculums generally do not include financial education.

2. I believe investing is simpler than many people think, and individual stocks are the best way to build wealth over time.

3. I believe there is a God who blesses me with financial resources, in part because He knows my heart and my desire to do good in this world.

Next Steps

The majority of my upcoming days will be spent volunteering, and I hope to write about the experiences in a way that will inspire people to donate their time or resources to good causes.

At the same time I intend to follow the stock market closely, share my investing strategies, and highlight sound financial advice when it comes across my radar. Eventually I’d like to host monthly webinars or Q&A sessions on these topics, in the hope that what’s been working for me will also benefit others. 

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