Eileen Moore
1948 – 2020

Soon after this blog launched my mother requested it include something about our family. Typically I’ve avoided personal info on this site, but as she died in 2020 I realized it could be a way to honor her. 

When she was at her best my mom was an excellent mother. She believed in my abilities, instilled her love of reading books, and discovered the Christian summer camp where I learned about Jesus. She also fought for me to be tested into the Gifted Program (at a time when teachers didn’t consider kids like me). These simple things set foundations for the life I’ve experienced. And in 2020 I learned what it’s like to hope that “Lookin’ down from Heaven” is more than just a comforting idea.  

One of the last movies Mom recommended I watch is Something the Lord Made. If you’re looking for a feel-good movie about a remarkable true story I recommend it, too. Without spoiling the ending, the film emphasizes the importance of attaching your name to things you do (something Mom tried to get me to do more often). So here is one of Eileen’s favorite photos of her son — from graduation day 🙂 

— Carlton