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Day One


“Today is day one. The first day of a journey. . .” Read More

3 Stocks for the New Year

3 stocks

“As the first week of 2018 concludes here are 3 stocks I recommend. . .” Read More

Clothing and Technology


“This got me thinking about clothing in general — the “life cycles” of items that end up in donation bins. . .” Read More

Farewell and the Future


“You may not know what the future holds, but you and your friends all transition to that future. . .” Read More

Writing Workshop Wonders


“The setup is pretty neat — schools treat these workshops as field trips. . .” Read More

Our Blind Spots


“I’d never had a meaningful conversation with a blind person my entire life . . .” Read More

Why Amazon Stock is Undervalued


“The role of a stock analyst is essentially to make predictions about the future . . .” Read More

Reading with Rihanna

Screenshot 2018-06-14 at 2.26.10 PM

“The only way I could think to make things better was to leave a message. . .” Read More

Back to School: 3 Trends to Know


“I expect these areas to generate massive returns in the future. . .” Read More

3 Things I Wish for Christmas


“December often makes me pensive, as I ponder how much can change. . .” Read More

Assessing my 2018 Stock Picks


“Last January I chose three stocks. . .” Read More

Pretend Professor


“I enjoyed a unique opportunity to teach a group of college students. . .” Read More

2020 Stock Picks


“Anything less than 30% growth would have been unspectacular. . .” Read More

7 Stocks and Giving


“the final analysis would net a gain of 86%. . .” Read More

What to Do in 2022

“it’s very very late, and very very early. . .” Read More

Facing the Year 2023

a promising buying opportunity for the next decade. . .” Read More